Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am now the future.

We all know the saying, "the children are our future" but once you get passed the stage of being a child you tend to forget you were once a child that was told that someday you would be the future. We get caught up in raising the next generation and making sure they are succesful that we forget we ARE the present generation.

I recently taught a three day class at the Eagan Art House. The second day of class one of my student's grandmother dropped her off. I kept looking at this woman thinking she looked a lot like my preschool teacher. The last day of class my student's grandmother dropped her off again and this time I had the courage to ask if she in fact was Mrs. Beecher. And obviously it was her! (or else I wouldn't be blogging about a woman who I thought looked like my preschool teacher but turned out not to be her....) Even more amazing is that she remembered who I was. We chatted briefly about our lives and then I started class.

Its crazy to think that my preschool teacher was dropping off her granddaughter for me to teach her. The realm of education had come full circle. I realized I am now the future and while it is important for me to guide those who are coming after me, it is also important to not forget that I am now the present future. This thought process helps put life back into a bit of perspective that we ourselves can't forget to live out our own life to its fullest potential that is only accomplished through our Lord Christ Jesus.

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joshua s said...

youth are not the future... they are the now.

1st Tim 4:12