Friday, January 9, 2009

i stand corrected.

today was an awesome color mixing day- I keep seeing submarine better and better!


lordmarcus said...

This is a really interesting exercise Shelly. It'll be cool to see them all lined up next to one another when your done. One thing that I find frustrating when painting and matching colors/finding local colors, is the lighting of the space I'm in. Especially if there are a few windows near by, the time of day has a huge influence on how my colors turn out. Have you experienced any similar problems yet? Also, do you have any big plans for your little canvases when your all done?

Shelley said...

I haven't had much trouble with lighting because i have been mixing the colors in the bedroom in the basement- there is one window but not much light is coming in due to the snow- so i have a light hanging over the area i work so the light source is pretty much the same every time- though it is going to change here soon because i will be going back to school and be mixing the color in a new stay tuned i guess. As of right now my plans for after i am done is to hang all the canvases on the same piece of wood because there is no way i am putting 30 holes in a wall to hang them up- i want to arrange them life a wall calendar would be since i am doing this for 30 days straight- but then again i could change my mind! so all in all wait and see- i shall post pictures of the final project, eventually!