Friday, January 30, 2009

Drawings Discussion

What are drawings used for in the past:
  • Education
  • Medical purposes
  • Diagrams
  • Story telling
  • Representational
  • Instructions
  • Blue prints
  • Memorialize
  • Communication
  • personal enjoyment
  • maps

What are drawings used for in the present:
  • All listed above
  • Decoration
  • Protest
  • Territory
  • Recording
In our group we discussed how the use of drawing hasn't changed much, but it is the subject matter and the medium that has expanded greatly. Today we are able to use non-traditional mediums, such as computers, to create drawings that are used for a variety of reasons.

How do we encounter drawing as a viewer?
  • intimidating
  • inspiring
  • challenging
  • to exapnd our style
  • we bring our own personal baggage into any art we view
we also discussed how it is hard for us to separate between being a mere viewer and an artist who is viewing.

How does encountering drawings relate to us as an artist?
  • same as above
  • technique
  • reference point
  • connecting to another artist
When has drawing been most interesting to you?
Drawing became most interesting to me when I entered college. In college we talk more about what drawing is, the characteristics and quality of line, materials etc. It is a higher level of approach and thinking that creates more appeal than in high school art classes.

What should drawing be for/ what is its function?
Practical Purposes- medical, instructions, maps etc.
Personal Purposes- thought provoking, trying to communicate some thought, idea or belief

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