Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It was exciting to see the three drawings side by side from the class so far. I definitely see improvement from the first (on the bottom) to the most recent drawing (on the top). I think one of the most evident things that I have learned is proportion. The first drawing I did- the figure looks flat and lifeless. I think the lack of life is especially seen in the rib cage and abdomen area. The top drawing has more of a sense of breath because the rib cage has more room to breath. I also think I am learning to apply what I feel in my own body to what I draw on the paper. I am a visual learner so it really helped me today to lie on the floor, feel the bones myself and visualize the curve of the spine touching the floor. I can also see an improvement in my line variation. The bottom drawing is heavy with the think black lines and does not give it a sense of depth. The top drawing has more variation of light to dark and the back leg looks farther back because it is lighter. The middle drawing is hard to reference to because I started over during the 30 minutes- though I do think it shows a good progress of understanding proportion.

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