Thursday, September 25, 2008


I found that finding the placement of the pelvis was more difficult than the rib cage. I was constantly going back and forth between tracing the figure and looking at a picture of a pelvis. I noticed that I always wanted to place it lower on the model than it actually was- what helped me to adjust is remember how the body indents below the ribs and not much further down is iliac crest. It also helped me to look at the legs when trying to figure out the angle and position of the pelvis. Even though its an elementary concept- its important to remember everything is connected and works together.

Peter Paul Rubens
Three Caryatids, after Primaticcio
red chalk, 269 x 253 mm

Nude Study
red chalk, 40 x 20.6 cm

Study for Creation of Adam
red chalk, 19.1 x 35.5 cm

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