Tuesday, September 9, 2008

me as the artist

“…art reflects life, and when we meditate on life, we might see something in a new way- and that might awaken us to possibilities, problems, hope, doubt, salvation or sin.” –Jefferey Overstreet, Relevant

I feel as though I am just finding out who I want to be as an artist, and the direction I would like my artwork to go. As you can see in the three images posted, I enjoy working with color. It is the one element I think will be seen throughout all of my work as it molds and changes. The artwork I posted has elements I mention later that I would like to keep in my future artwork. Elements such as, color, simplified forms and a more minimalist approach. I do enjoy the "busyness" of these pieces, but I think in order to endorse reflection, I need to start subtracting until I feel I have reached the "bare essentials"

As I have matured as an artist I desire my artwork to have a deeper purpose. I desire to move into the direction of reflection. I want to create a unique duality that causes the viewer to reflect on self, yet at the same time approach my art with an attitude of humility. I don’t want the viewers reflection to stop with the self, I yearn for it to extend into reflecting about the world around them. I will keep artistic elements I have used in the past, however I want to strip away any distractions that may hinder reflection. I desire my future artwork to echo the work Donald Judd. Judd’s simplistic nature is bold yet subtle. His artwork stretches the viewers to think beyond what is seen before them and into a greater message. I plan to accomplish this in my own work by picking subject matters that stirs critical thinking. I will execute this with simplified forms to minimize distractions, and saturated colors to attract and awaken.

I aspire my artwork to not only call for something more out of myself, but my viewers as well. We as humans have so much potential. It would be disheartening to see it limited from the lack of genuine reflection.


Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for that very deep insight. It really did get me thinking about how we as artist need to create with emotion and thought, I agree completely. I think it's great that you use so much color in all of your work, considering using color correctly is a very challenging feat. I would really like to know a little more specifically on your center piece, what is this representing? It seems to me to be an abstract representation of rain possibly. Is there any story behind this piece, or any specific emotion that brought you to pursue this outcome?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm Jesse Lindhorst

Amy Schmitz said...

I enjoy the way you write. The language and way you explained yourself and your work sounds professional, truthful and meaningful. Color is key in your pieces and I agree with you theory of simplifying for your future.

The piece that stood out the most to me was the 3rd image. I enjoy the way you made the couple pop by bringing them onto a different plane.

Also with the first two pieces, the mark making and abstractness are very attractive. Are these rather large scale pieces? This might be a silly question but are they drawings or paintings also?

My advice would be to continue with your direction of bringing that emotional connection between you, your art and the audience.

Nate Koehler said...

I really like the way you have written your thoughts regarding your work, but I think that adding some some specific areas that you would like your pieces to discuss, would really strengthen and clarify your concepts. What are the issues you would like to discuss? How would you like to be viewed as an artist?