Saturday, November 22, 2008

the beauty of lines

Life Drawing has been a great reminder to me of how much I enjoy drawing and the beauty of lines. A drawing that in a sense looks unfinished is the most beautiful to me because of the raw lines and active mark making. I am always amazed that when I walk around the room and look at others drawings of how a simple element such as line can look so different and unique for each person.


lordmarcus said...

Shelly, I really gotta agree with you. Just seeing the variation in line from easel to easel is amazing. Its fun seeing how some of us are really heavy handed while others draw very light, or who puts down a ton of lines compared to a few strong ones. Having some quick gestural lines adds so much life and activity in a drawing. I can't say that I would put any of my gesture drawings in my portfolio, but there are some attributes of those drawings that are very appealing. I think in part, slowing down too much in our long poses can be a mistake because we can lose that fluidity and the drawing becomes flat and stagnant.

Nate Koehler said...

I've recently noticed how big of difference line variation has changed my work. These last few drawings i can see my line variation is beginning to click and make a bit more sense. It helps a ton for me seeing other people draw, so I enjoy it watching Amy draw on my paper, or do demos for us. I like taking a peek at other peoples pads to scope out different techniques they use. It acts as a kind of reminder of what I can incorporate into my drawings. Its crazy how the value of a line can push something forward and back into space, it seems like magic sometimes.

Shelley said...

Nate I completely agree with peeking at other's people drawings not just to see their drawing, but to investigate their drawing- its a way to learn and improve your own drawing!

I also enjoy when Amy draws in class- when she said in class that one day about how one of these days she is going to have everything drawn out so she doesnt have to waste our time in class....I wanted to yell at her NO because that is a huge part of the learning process for me in that class. We hardly ever get to see the professors at work with their art so it is intriguing to see Amy draw even the simplest of things

it is quite amazing how a simple line can change so much