Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long Pose #3

The focus for this 30 minute drawing was working on foreshortening. I choose this drawing as one of my better longer posed drawings because of the success I had with the foreshortening. I feel that I did an excellent job of showing the model going back in space and still giving her correct proportions. This first drawing I did to practice foreshortening was inaccurate with the angle of the torso. I had exaggerated it too much causing the model to looking like she was on a very steep slope. I was able to use my mistake from the first drawing and apply what I learned about angles to this drawing. Using negative space, and taking my time to really look at the model before drawing helped me draw a more realistic figure. From an anatomical perspective I think I was able to draw a rib cage that has breath. The line variation and the position of the head and neck helps to put life into the drawn figure.

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