Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Manikin once over...

Looking back over my manikin I think the strongest set of muscles I have built are the group of spinal erectors. I think they are the most successful with proper layering and proportional size. The area that needs the most work are the lower leg muscles. This group of muscles need the most work because I have not been able to discuss these muscles with my group members. I have noticed that I am able to better understand the layering and placement of the muscles when I am able to converse with my group members. In the third picture (going left to right) I think the muscles are correct with the layering and position, but the proportion needs improvement. It is hard to tell looking at the book, and looking at sources online how thick each muscle is suppose to be. The second and forth pictures show a good view of the glutes and I believe I was able to build a nice shape!

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xenia elizabeth said...

let's make sure we either meet one-on-one to go over your maniken or that you get me to spend time with you on it during class--i'm hoping to have one more day of in-class maniken work. the leg needs some re-working.