Friday, October 3, 2008


Quadratus Lumborum
Axial- transverse processes of vertebrae L1 to L4, 12th rib.
Pelvic- posterior iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament.
Actions: extends and laterally flexes the lumbar spine, depresses and stabilizes the 12th rib.

External Obliques
Axial- outer surfaces of ribs 5 to 12, interdigitating with the Serratus anterior; linea alba.
Pelvic- iliac crest, inguinal ligament.
Actions: flexes the lumbar vertebrae, compresses the abdomen; opposite side rotator of the thoracic vertebrae.

Rectus Abdominis
Axial- External surfaces of cartilages of ribs 5 to 7, xiphoid process.
Pelvic- pubic symphysis and crest
Actions: flexes the lumbar vertebrae, helps to depress the ribs and compress the abdomen in forced expiration.

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