Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My process in building the glute muscles was very similar to how I built the other muscles. I would study the picture, role out a piece of clay, and then cut out the shape of the muscle bigger than what was shown so I could place it on the manikin and sculpt it to fit. Since we had time to build these muscles in class I would reference the muscle poster on the wall. This poster helped me see how muscles lay on the body and how they interact with one another.

When we were in our blog group we discussed the overlapping of the glutes and how they exist together. The glutes on our manikins did not all look exactly the same so to find out answer we did some more studying of the book pictures and refering to the poster in the room. After studying the photos we had to adjust some layering and the shape of the glutes but were only minimal.

We had some trouble with the tensor fasiace latate and gluteus mximus. The view of tensor fasciae latae and gluteus maximums (iliac head) confusing- shown on different legs in the book. This issue was easily solved by "thinking out loud" and remembering that our manikins only have a right leg!

We double checked the rest of the muscles on our manikins. We compared questionable spots and resolved it in the same manner as before.

Nate asked the question about how we add clay to manikin. We all concluded that we roll out a slab, close to size/ shape of piece- possibly larger so you can subtract from it. Add it to our manikin and sculpt away!

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