Saturday, October 25, 2008

Printmaking suggestions

I am starting to sketch out my ideas for my printmaking class. The assignment is we were given three different words and has to create a literal or abstract interpretation of the words. Right now I am approaching the project with both styles, I am showing literal visuals of the words but the composition is more abstract. I have both melancholic and twisted represented, but still need to incorporate consequence. I have some ideas, but want to hear your opinion first before I taint your mind/ideas with my own. Also I would like to hear your thoughts about the rest and what you would improve.

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Amy Schmitz said...

Do you have to incorporate all three words into one single composition? The rope twisting into a knot seems to be working on the left side compositionally. I'm viewing the rest of the space as almost a negative space or black hole. I think you should continue along that train of thought. Somehow showing the hole, or hidden darkness of sadness or even consequences.

Does it have to be a scene or could it be more overlapping and abstract? I'm seeing something twisting off into a dark hole. Maybe try playing with foreground and background variation.

Is this serigraphy or litho. or one of the other ones?