Saturday, October 25, 2008

building from the inside out

In class we did a 40-minute drawing of the skeleton. Once we felt we had the correct proportions of the bone structure we could move on and add the muscles we knew. I found that I moved through drawing the skeleton structure fairly quickly. I was not paying attention to the details, but focused more on getting the basic structure right. When I started adding the muscles it was easy to remember the form of the abdominals on the body, but the legs were more difficult. I found myself utilizing my manikin to recall the leg muscles we built. This allowed me to get the basic structure drawn on my paper, and then Amy was able to help me define the muscles.

I really enjoyed drawing from the skeleton because it was something new. It allowed us to build the body up from the inside out. It is possible to do this with a model, but I am a visual learner and I need information reinforced through visuals. Drawing from the skeleton will help me better understand everything going on under the skin.

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