Friday, October 17, 2008

Quads, adductors, and hamstrings

When our blog group was working on these three groups of muscles we were fairly quiet. Here and there we would have questions pertaining to the layering of muscles, the thickness and how far down on the femur they laid. The muscles we had the most issues with were the adductors and adding the hamstrings on top of them. There is so much layering going on in the leg that it is hard to keep it all straight, but it was nice to have three other people to discuss it with. We did not finish attaching all the muscles before the end of class, but I do feel more confident in what I need to do for the rest after having an entire class time to talk with my group.

The process of attaching the clay with these muscles was only slightly different than the rest. I would start out these muscles by rolling out a long "snake" of clay between my hands and then roll it flat with my roller. This made it easier to get a long piece of clay faster versus starting out with the roller on a big hunk of clay. After that the process was the same of cutting out a piece slightly bigger than the picture, attaching the muscle to the manikin and then sculpting it down to fit with my tools.

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